Rising senior Marc Ybarra playing against Wright State University in the NCAA tournament last November.

Marc Ybarra demonstrated consistency on and off the field, a basis for his character.

Junior forward Umar Farouk Osman worked his way from Tamale, Ghana to play for Michigan.

The ball was often makeshift, a few paper bags knotted together or a pile of folded clothes tightly wound by rubber bands. The children kicked it around with their bare feet, the bottoms caked with dust and sand. The street was their pitch, and the kids scurried in and out of oncoming traffic.

It wasn’t perfect. But it was soccer. For junior forwards Umar Farouk Osman and Mohammed Zakyi, this was how their careers started.

Owen and Bryan Finnerty have similar career paths.

Bryan Finnerty gazed across the table and saw himself.

It was late last October, and he was out to lunch in Ann Arbor, in town for that night’s men’s soccer game between Michigan and Wisconsin. Bryan was catching up with one of his fraternal twin sons, Owen, who doubled as the Wolverines’ backup goalkeeper.


For many students, the summer before heading to college is filled with leisure time and bittersweet memories with high school friends.

Not for Jayde Riviere.


It all seemed too good to be true. 

Derick Broche found himself all alone, green grass the only thing between him and the opposing goalkeeper, his feet the recipient of a ball that split the Wake Forest defense. One accurate touch and the sophomore forward would tie up the game. 

The Michigan women's soccer team made the Sweet Sixteen for the first time since 2013.

In one of the team’s most prolific campaigns in recent history, No. 19 Michigan made its deepest run into the NCAA Tournament since 2013 before falling to No. 2 North Carolina.


Sundays box score will indicate Marc Ybarra netted the game-winning goal for the Michigan men's soccer team in its 1-0 penalty shootout victory over Wright State. 

Junior midfielder Marc Ybarra scored a game-winning penalty kick as Michigan advanced to the third round of the NCAA Tournament.

The Ultras had moved from their resident bleachers and congregated at one end of the field. With each penalty kick came screams and gasps from the stands which were filled to capacity.


When it’s all said and done, Hallahan will go down in history as one of the best to ever wear the Michigan soccer uniform. How did he get to this point? To best understand his brilliance, one ought to retrace the steps of his winding soccer journey.

Junior forward Nicki Hernandez helped the Michigan women's soccer team to victory in the first round of the NCAA Tournament.

In the 79th minute, the junior forward found herself at midfield with the ball, a familiar sight. But this time the situation wasn’t so familiar. Hernandez capitalized on Bowling Green’s aggressive goalkeeping style. Unassisted, Hernandez took matters into her own hands, taking an ambitious attempt on goal, where the goalkeeper had found herself out of the goal. To everyone’s surprise, especially Hernandez’s, the ball sailed over the goalkeeper, putting Michigan ahead by one over the Falcons.