Alabama offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian said that Michigan's defense will be a challenge to face.

The Wolverines are now a month removed from that afternoon. In the lead up to Wednesday’s Citrus Bowl against Alabama, their trademark confidence is back, with a proclaimed certainty that the Ohio State game is behind them.


ORLANDO, Fla. — Josh Gattis can laugh about it now.

Senior quarterback Shea Patterson faced Alabama with Ole Miss two seasons ago.

ORLANDO, Fla. — It’s funny, now, to consider the last time Shea Patterson played Alabama.


ORLANDO, Fla. — To hear Don Brown talk about Alabama’s offense is to hear a laundry list of accolades and praise.


The Michigan Daily is, mostly, on vacation. The Michigan football team, unfortunately for us, is not.

Given that reality, this was the solution we came up with. It’s something between a column and a notebook, touching on everything from the Citrus Bowl to National Signing Day to a few random things in between.

And, because it’s fairly long, I’ll just get to it.

Senior quarterback Shea Patterson will play in the Citrus Bowl on Jan. 1 against Alabama.

Ultimately, this comes down to the opponent. It’s Alabama, and even when the Crimson Tide didn’t make the College Football Playoff for the first time ever, that means a normally meaningless bowl game holds an added level of importance.


The bowl game has become an annual metaphorical zombie for the Michigan football team. The team traverses to some warm, southern city, still wallowing from the letdown weeks prior, patently unmotivated to face off against an SEC opponent.


Ever yelled “We want Bama” as a joke when Michigan had a good game? Well, you got your wish.

It’s official: the 14th-ranked Wolverines will be headed to Orlando to play No. 13 Alabama in the Citrus Bowl on New Year’s Day.

The Michigan football team is waiting to find out which bowl game it will play in.

Until Sunday’s selection show (or rather, an hour or so before the selection show, when someone inevitably leaks the placements), it’s a guessing game where the Wolverines will go and who they will play. But as championship weekend approaches, the picture has begun to come into focus.

Linebacker Josh Uche will declare for the NFL Draft.

Linebacker Josh Uche has announced that he will declare for the NFL draft, though he will still play in Michigan’s bowl game.