University president Mark Schlissel cast doubt on a football season if there are no students on campus.

As colleges and conferences across the country move closer to resuming athletic activities, Michigan President Mark Schlissel is taking a much more measured approach.

Ward Manuel introduces Juwan Howard, the new men's basketball coach

Michigan advances to Sweet 16 on Jordan Poole buzzer-beating prayer

By Max Marcovitch on March 19, 2018 

Maya Irigoyen says her team was caught off-guard by the news that it would lose its club status.

With the meeting’s agenda uncertain, the Boxing executive team went into it just a week before their national tournament in Atlanta. Soon it would be revealed that their status as a club sport would be revoked, forcing them to continue as a Voluntary Student Organization.

Maddy Steere is taking another year off from the Michigan water polo team to prepare for the Olympics.

In Dubai, a short layover turned into a nightmare, amid news that the Coronavirus situation in Italy was rapidly worsening. Throughout an uncertain night at the airport hotel, team officials discussed going straight to Hungary, before awaking players to news that they were returning home immediately.
A month later, the Olympics were postponed, thousands of dreams placed on a year-long hold.

Athletic director Warde Manuel was found to have mishandled sexual assault allegations by Robert Anderson.

But none of that should matter if Manuel can’t do right by Michigan’s athletes — including former ones. Nothing in college sports is possible without them, and it’s supposed to be the job of the person in charge to create an environment where they’re in the best possible position to succeed. That means a culture of accountability, where it’s clear that abuse and misconduct will not be tolerated.

Dylan McCaffrey has the Wolverines at 4-0 in The Daily's NCAA 14 simulation.

The future looks bright for simulated Michigan. This week, we’ll continue with matchups against cupcakes Ball State and Arkansas State, followed by a bona fide trap game at Navy to round out non-conference play.


In the midst of collegiate sports being canceled due to COVID-19, Michigan’s boxing and taekwando club teams have found themselves in limbo.

The University of Michigan’s Recreational Sports Department, in collaboration with the office of Risk Management, decided to revoke both teams’ status as a club sport based on audits, forcing them to become Voluntary Student Organizations (VSOs).

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What does this mean for Michigan Athletics?

During the 2019 College World Series, the Michigan baseball team spent time visiting the children’s hospital at the University of Nebraska’s medical center.

Inspired by an article from the Boston Globe, the Sports section presents this series on our favorite memories as Daily sportswriters.

The last four years have featured a number of memorable moments for Michigan athletics.

I picked eight. Your eight might be different. We’re all susceptible to our own biases. But here are the eight moments, runs, games and events that will define how I remember our four years on this campus. I’d love to hear from you, particularly my fellow graduating seniors — @Max_Marcovitch on Twitter or — to see where you agree or disagree.