Thursday, November 27, 2014

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Ann Arbor Affairs: Why I'm smitten with "SNL"


I can’t really recall the specifics of my first time — but I do remember loving it. It happened in the middle of the day, around 1 p.m. I was perched on the edge of my couch, dazed with anticipation because it was finally, after all those years, happening.

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Visual Statement: Best of Fall Sports Photography


These photographers have stood through unrelenting rain and spent hours on one knee just to capture the one image for an event, so here are some of the best from this fall semester.

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Thought Bubble

Ruby Wallau/Daily


“I’m specializing in archives and records management. I want to be an archivist. Archives are relevant to every single person. There is some way that their lives connect to records and the past. Without the past, we don’t really have context for our current situation in the present.”
— Shae Rafferty Information Graduate Student

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On North Campus, a city of driverless vehicles

Photo Courtesy of Michigan Transformation Facility


Just under the cloud-flecked Ann Arbor water tower, a tiny city is being built. Curving asphalt streets are the only hint of the project, but once the asphalt hardens, buildings will be raised, stoplights strung up and simulated pedestrians will be programmed. These 32 acres at the edge of North Campus will be home to the Mobility Transformation Center’s Test Facility, a complex built to develop automated, driverless vehicles.

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The Statement is The Michigan Daily's weekly news magazine, distributed every Wednesday during the academic year.

Ruby Wallau/Daily

A growing network: How social media is changing student activism


The University has always had a reputation for grassroots activism — ever since President John F. Kennedy chose to announce the plans for the Peace Corps on the steps of the Student Union in 1960, Ann Arbor has been an unofficial center for liberalism and social. But, hashtag activism is the new norm at the University, with social media taking the forefront in student social justice movements.

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Personal Statement: What it really means to be gone


My grandmother was fading into the background of faces from my childhood, becoming another one of the dead relatives lining the pages of our photo albums, turning into a set of anecdotal stories. She seemed, with each day, less and less like the person I knew, with all her affectations and complexities, and more like an ossified, idealized caricature of herself. This was what it really meant for her to be gone.

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Famous by Association: This isn't about Beyoncé


As you have probably guessed, this column isn’t about Beyoncé. However, it is about her newly married sister, Solange.

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Ruby Wallau/Daily

As startup scene grows, Detroit faces new challenges


Following decades of racial tensions, a notoriously high crime rate and setbacks in the auto industry, Detroit is looking for a new economic driver. And it might just come in the expanding startup scene, where millions have been invested from the public and private sector this decade.

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