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February 22, 2013 - 9:24am

THE INSTITUTION: Profiling the External Relations Commission


This is part of a weekly series profiling the commissions and committees of the Central Student Government.

Charged with maintaining relations with off-campus organizations, the Central Student Government External Relations Commission attends conferences and city council meetings in addition to its weekly meetings.

The committee is co-chaired by LSA freshman Tanner Waterstreet and LSA senior Aditya Sathi. The pair — who only recently assumed office after the former chair resigned — differs significantly in experience; few students have more student government experience than Sathi while Waterstreet is still in his first year on campus.

Waterstreet said he enjoys seeing what programs and ideas are in place at other universities and seeing if they can be applied .

“I like taking ideas from the outside and collaborating with people on the inside so we can make student life overall better,” he said.

In particular, Waterstreet learned at the Student Association of Michigan conference that some schools register incoming students to vote at orientations, a strategy he is looking at implement.

Another organization the ERC works with is the Association of Big Ten Schools. While the ERC did not attend the ABTS Conference in January, Sathi said that in mid-April he and Tanner plan to go attend an ABTS conference in Washington D.C.

This semester Waterstreet said that the ERC is planning an event titled “Our big thank you” where students and members of CSG will be doing a day of community service to benefit residents of Ann Arbor. He added that there is currently about $1,750 allocated for the event.

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