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March 6, 2012 - 12:21pm

'Pretty Little Liars' RECAP: Toby is back and Ezra gets stupider


ABC Family

Well into its second season, ABC Family's suspenseful teen drama “Pretty Little Liars” keeps twisting and turning as it follows the four Liars in their quest to discovering mysterious A’s identity. Daily Arts Editors Anna Sadovskaya and Kelly Etz recap “Eye of the Beholder.”

Anna: Guess who’s back? Back again. Toby's back. Tell a friend.

Kelly: Toby! Interesting that he is just a-OK with his devious stepsister Jenna now (do I recall that she tried to make him sleep with her?). But I do like this sudden move to the dark side. It adds some zest to his character.

Anna: You recall correct! And I believe there was some awkward tension when she talked about filling her room with beautiful things, hoping Toby would be one of them. Hello creep! Jenna, Jenna, Jenna. How does she do it? Speaking of, she almost died.

Kelly: Whoa. That was intense. And call me cold-hearted, but I didn’t even feel sorry for her when she was crying on that hospital bed (with her sunglasses still on, because obviously her face would fall off without them). It seemed very suspicious. I don’t trust her one bit.

Anna: When she was still in the house (prior to Hanna’s selfless rescue) and her sunglasses were off, I remember thinking “OH MY GOD I CAN SEE HER EYE.” It was nerve wracking, to say the least — she’s so scary. It’s interesting that she would end up in this situation, considering how sneaky, knowing and careful she is. I would have thought she’d never have fallen for this trick. But here she is ... “vulnerable” ... “innocent.”

Kelly: Let’s talk about Duncan, Vivienne/Alison’s friend and the living embodiment of a Ken Doll.

Anna: I don’t like him. He seems fishy. When he and Aria were on the plane, he let her steer for an incredibly long time. I thought she was going to die! He just seems weird, and if he cared about Vivienne/Alison, where was he when she died? And then the time afterward? How did he not know any of these things

Kelly: I completely agree! The scene in the plane was overtly creepy, and I totally thought they were going to plunge to their deaths … not to mention how stupid it was for Aria to not only meet this shady guy in a dark airplane hanger by herself, but then think it was ok to just hop in a plane with him. What?! At least the Liars’ moms seem to be wising up a little to the whole situation. Bout time!

Anna: Aria … when will she learn? Ezra, on the other hand, seems to be forever stuck in idiot mode. He turned down a good job, practically bitched out Mr. Montgomery and then professed his love for Aria via phone call. Obviously, now, Aria’s parents are going to back down and accept him. But I do like that Ella is being reasonable. The Liars’ moms do seem to be the most logical people in this show

Kelly: Which is the way it should be. I keep forgetting that these girls are what, 16? They’re allowed to be a little stupid sometimes. Oh Ezra. Ezra, Ezra, Ezra. Why? I mean is Aria really worth all this trouble? I’ll answer for you: No. God, no. Though I’m glad he finally attempted to stand up for himself, even if threatening isn’t a good look for him. Though it would be really interesting if he and Aria eloped. It would certainly keep ‘A’ on his/her/its toes.
Anna: Unless Ezra is ‘A.’ DUN DUN DUN.
Kelly: TWIST.

Anna: It’s mona. IT HAS TO BE MONA. Anyway, what else happened in this episode? OH, I know what didn’t … HOLDEN.

Kelly: Where is that beautiful underground street fighter? Maybe he’s dead. But now that he has that heart condition, it’s more sad than badass. Let’s talk about the real highlight of this episode. A gorgeous british doctor named WREN.

Anna: Sad Holden. WREN, OK, what about that awkward exchange between him and Spencer, where he asked her if she just wanted to forget it, and then she said no, and then they just stared at each other. End of scene. What? Am I missing something? If I remember correctly, he was the one that wanted to be virtuous and not do anything untoward while Spencer was inebriated.

Kelly: I think it was just supposed to be a special moment between the two of them. I really have no idea what they were discussing as I was busy getting lost in the fathomless pools of Wren’s eyes. I mean, PLL is doing something right with Wren. He is obviously the hottest member of the male cast right now. No contest.
I just love him. That might be coming off a little strong right now. But really, what is the point of watching PLL if not for the hot guys and the intrigue?

Anna: I really can’t answer your question because I don’t think I watch for anything other than the men and the mystery. It's like Nancy Drew only with more sex. Instant classic! I do have a question though: Where is Melissa? And Garrett?

Kelly: I wasn’t sure if the end, where someone was creeping around in the bushes in the dark outside (this happens so much on PLL) and then there was that shot of the police badge. Was that supposed to mean Garret? I was just confused by that, I didn't think it was a particularly exciting or intriguing ending.
However, how creepy was that music box? No matter the situation, a music box is ALWAYS creepy.

Anna: I think it was meant to be Garret. Maybe he’s dead? Maybe Melissa killed him? Maybe he’s ‘A’? The music box was so scary, and then it was so disappointing when the ending wasn’t. I wish the music box was used when we found out who ‘A’ is. That would have been crazy!

Kelly: I am very concerned that PLL is going to do one of those duck outs and reveal ‘A,’ only to backtrack next season and be all, that wasn’t really ‘A!’ That will annoy me greatly. But I feel that by revealing ‘A,’ PLL is giving away a lot of the intrigue of the series.

Anna: I don’t really know how interesting it will be knowing who ‘A’ is. Going through an entire season with no mystery texts might be boring--in the least it will mean a whole new approach to the show. How will they keep the mystery alive? They might have to double up on hotties. But in all seriousness, I don’t know how a show like PLL can function without the unknown. It could quickly get dramatic and predictable.

Kelly: They might just reveal ‘A,’ then start getting texts from somebody called B, and the whole cycle would start again. And sadly, I would probably still watch.

Anna: I would still watch. What if we got to Z. And then Z was like SURPRISE, IT'S ME ‘A.’ ALL THIS TIME. Then the cycle would be complete, and I’d know my ABC’s.