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February 6, 2013 - 9:18pm

From the President’s Desk: Behind the scenes


This year, the Central Student Government has embarked on a mission to make the 2012-2013 academic year transformative by truly returning CSG back to the students. As we attempt to deliver on this vision, I’ve had the privilege of interacting face-to-face with thousands of Wolverines all across campus, whether it’s through late night coffee chats, or speeches on the Diag.

But while I’m lucky to be front and center, at the core of our efforts is a group of silent heroes who quietly strive for you every single day, without asking for any recognition or accolades. Without their devotion, none of our vision is even remotely possible. I thought I’d introduce you to our singularly steadfast team and give you a behind the scenes into how we function.

The Strategist: Lukas Garske, our Student General Counsel, represents us in all legal matters. He ensures that all our actions go above and beyond the general ethical guidelines and that our moral compass is always correctly positioned. He advises me on all key strategic decisions and is the man for long-range planning.

The Executor: Peter Han, our Chief of Staff, manages all aspects of this three hundred-member organization. He eliminates bureaucracy and red tape, making the organization highly efficient and effective. He converts dreams and visions into feasible and implementable actions.

The Financial Wiz: Chris Osborn, our Treasurer, has managed to convert the most ambitious CSG agenda in recent history into a comprehensive and functioning budget. He’s able to fund initiatives that would seem undoable to most.

The Architect : Jill Clancy, our Chief Programming Officer, designs and executes all our events, which are crucial to our outreach efforts and image. Her vision this year is to ensure that CSG is seen as cool, fun and social. Over the next few months she’ll ensure that we move away from the stereotype of long and dull events, to fun events like a Meet Your Athletes Day on the Diag, and a U-M Heroes event — an opportunity to recognize and honor distinguished Wolverines on campus.

The Veep: Last but not the least, our Vice President Omar Hashwi, who’s a tremendous leader in his own right and has tirelessly and selflessly dedicated three years to our student body. Omar is responsible for some of our biggest accomplishments and has been a great partner.

In an effort to make your CSG more approachable, our entire team has decided to change our office hours from our Union offices to coffee chats at Bert’s Café in the UGLi. Now that you’ve read a little about these silent heroes, we can’t wait till you meet them over coffee!

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