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December 3, 2012 - 1:36am

In Other Ivory Towers: Dartmouth faculty, students approve of selection of Hanlon


Administrators, faculty and students at Dartmouth College were mostly pleased with the New Hampshire-based institution’s choice of University of Michigan Provost Philip Hanlon as its next president, The Dartmouth reported.

Faculty quoted by the newspaper cited Hanlon’s experience at the University and his knowledge of Dartmouth as an alum as reasons for supporting his appointment.

“I can only think that it would be to his and Dartmouth’s advantage that he knows the institution, the culture, the Greek Life,” former Dartmouth President James Wright said. “He should have an opportunity to come in, and working with the board and faculty, move the College toward the vision he has for the College. He’s right on the mark.”

However, some students at Dartmouth told the newspaper that they were disappointed in the decision, saying they would have preferred a candidate who better reflected the Ivy League school’s diversity.

“This could have been a really good time for Dartmouth to break their typical mold and break outside where they’ve historically gone, because the president is really the face of the College,” Dartmouth sophomore Jennifer Davidson said.

PSU off to good start with reforms, monitor says

Pennsylvania State University is “off to a very good start” in implementing reforms in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky child molestation scandal, former Maine Sen. George Mitchell said, according to The Daily Collegian.

A report from Mitchell, who will monitor Penn State’s progress on reforms for the next five years, found that Penn State had made headway in some areas while still lacking in others. The report cited the fact that Penn State has not yet named an athletic integrity officer as a necessary improvement.

“(Penn State) is conducting far more than a ‘check the box’ exercise; those responsible for the individual reforms appear to be making a good faith effort to implement them in a manner that will improve the functioning of the University,” Mitchell wrote in the report.