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January 27, 2013 - 8:42pm

Campus Corner: Crowding my workout


Graphic by Nick Cruz

Every year thousands of Americans designate “get in shape” to be their New Years resolution. Here at the University, this popular resolution has huge implications at the IMSB, NCRB and CCRB. According to the International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association, over 12 percent of new gym memberships are bought in January alone. Private gyms and recreational centers prepare for the surge months in advance by buying new equipment, scheduling more classes and hiring more staff. However, our University is incapable of these preparations. If you’ve been to the gym recently you’ve probably had to wait in a 10-minute line just to get on a cardio machine.

An avid yearlong gym goer myself, I watch this surge every year. Wanting to completely avoid the rush, this year I preemptively sought out a gym pass at the gym in the Stephen M. Ross Business School. When I first found out this was a possibility I kicked myself for not figuring it out when I was a freshman. It would’ve eliminated this dreadful time of year and saved much of my wasted time waiting in line at the IMSB.

If you’ve been in the dark like me, you probably didn’t know that if you aren’t a Ross student you can still get a pass to their gym. Guest passes, however, are hot commodities and hard to come by. If you think this is something you might want to get for next year, you better start planning now and perhaps consider getting a little friendlier with your friends in Ross. Not only should your friend be in Ross, they should also be interested in getting a gym pass of their own. Ross students are allowed to purchase a semester long gym pass to the Och Fitness Center for $125 and are allowed to get one, and I repeat, just one additional guest pass for $175. This may sound like a hefty price but this gym is equipped with a locker room, TVs, the latest cardio machines, free weights, exercise balls and resistance bands. Most importantly, I’ve never waited in a line to get on a machine.

To those suffering at the IMSB, NCRB and CCRB, there are only 32 days left enduring the crowds until spring break. And to the athletic Ross students, be prepared. The harassment for gym passes starts now.

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