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Sunday, April 20, 2014

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'Vampire Diaries' proves deeper than a quick bite

By Kayla Upadhyaya, Senior Arts Editor
Published May 14, 2012

They don’t press pause on the story — as TV flashback gimmicks tend to do — but rather give insight and info that propels the narrative forward.

And then in a series of dreams in the season finale, we get to see the last day Elena’s parents were alive — the day that catalyzed the series and brought the Salvatore brothers into Elena’s life. It’s a poignant and effective way of showing how these characters and their relationships with each other have changed and grown.

No one was prepared for that final revelation, the twist that changed everything. Williamson and Plec fearlessly took a premise-changing, story-shifting risk that will certainly be a challenge to follow through with. But with one of the best, multi-faceted dramatic ensembles on television and stirring, pace-perfect writing reminiscent of supernatural hall of famers like “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Twin Peaks,” “The Vampire Diaries” has enough bite to keep on raising those stakes.