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The Best of Ann Arbor 2011


Published April 10, 2011

Grocery Store: Meijer

Granted, both of Ann Arbor's Meijer locations are a bit of a drive, but the payoff is worth it. Both stores have a far wider variety of foods and lower prices than similar superstores, with the added benefit of non-food departments like housewares, clothing, sporting goods and kitchen wares. Big-box stores can be a turn-off to some, but the convenience of getting everything in one place fits the busy schedule of a college student — so long as you can bum transportation.

And really, you're still supporting a local company, as Meijer is based in Grand Rapids and about half of its locations are in Michigan. There are also more checkout lines than in other stores, and that includes more self-checkouts in case you only need a few things. Overall, it's the lowest price and the widest selection in town.


Marissa McClain/Daily