Wednesday, April 23, 2014

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The Best of Ann Arbor 2011


Published April 10, 2011

Test Prep: Kaplan Test Prep

Purple: It's the color of ermine-trimmed royalty, associated with the Crown chakra that links the individual spirit to the universal. Neurologist Oliver Sacks even ingested some highly questionable drugs in search of the elusive indigo. But more importantly, purple is the reigning color of Kaplan Test Prep, a center located on the corner of South University that promises primo services for all your examination preparatory needs.

Exam prep, you say? You thought you were through with standardized tests after bubbling in the finishing touches to your junior year SATs, didn’t you? But future employers and grad schools say differently. LSAT, MCAT, GMAT, GRE — they’re your high school nightmares all over again, but this time meaner and meatier. In a world where soaring numbers could potentially carve out a path for the rest of your future, you could see where one could go into Woody-Allen-panic-attack mode.

But you don’t, because when it comes down to crunch time, noble Kaplan is there to save the day: With small class sessions, specialized teachers and intensive on-site hours, Kaplan can make studying for such a feat an (almost) enjoyable task — all for a price lower than the neighboring Princeton Review.