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The Best of Ann Arbor 2011


Published April 10, 2011

Pizza: Pizza House

Even the (somewhat recent) arrival of lip-smackingly delicious new-kid-on-the-block South U Pizza couldn’t claim the “Best Pizza” crown from the venerable Pizza House. From the heavenly, sesame-seeded Sicilian deep dish to the stomach-arresting Chicago stuffed, this Church Street institution simply serves the most tantalizing slices in town ― and for those averse to the traditional pie, the steaming calzones are equally gastronomically formidable. Being straddled by Charley’s and Rick’s doesn’t hurt either (nor does being open till 4 a.m.). After all, that famished beer deserves quality ’za, doesn’t it?

Sure, the House is fiscally steeper than other pizza purveyors, but the well-styled, accommodating setting is an at-times necessary departure from cramped collegiate quarters. In other words, the few extra George Washingtons is worth the upper-crust ambiance. It's no wonder why George Clooney and Co. recently decided to film parts of “Ides of March” in Ann Arbor. OK ― maybe that's not the reason. But we wouldn’t be surprised if it was.


Anna Schulte/Daily